Release Date: 4th Quarter 2019

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Crowdfunding Success

The crowdfunding campaign for the film was a huge success. We raised almost $14,500 and that's $2,000 over what we needed to finish filming. So we're back on the road with the gear to record the rest of the footage. Thanks for your help!

This film explains what code is, the people who build software, and why these interesting people dedicate their lives to code and coding.

Message From the Director

Young Shawn Back in the early ‘80s I begged my mother and grandmother to help me get my first computer. When that Vic-20 arrived, I was mesmerized and spent my days and nights trying to get it to do what I wanted it to. This thirty year love affair continues today. From my first job, I noticed that many software people were just like me: passionate, awkward, and workaholic.

For many of the past twenty of those thirty years, I’ve been trying to turn my passion into story. After writing books, creating courses, recording seminars and speaking at international conferences, I’ve learned to love the art of the story and making a documentary is an extension of that.

The story of software developers is complex. It includes not only each developer’s stories, but also the history of the industry as well as the cultural problem in which the industry finds itself. The lack of women and people of color, both in coding jobs and management positions, means that the industry might be in trouble unless something changes. That’s why I’m making HELLO WORLD.

The Story

Code is everywhere. Every phone call you make, every website you visit, and even every car you drive has software powering it. For many people, code looks like the falling letters in The Matrix or what they see on CSI. But it’s not that inscrutable. HELLO WORLD is a film that means to answer three questions: who are coders; what does coding look like; and how coding is different from other careers. The film starts by exploring where code is and what it actually takes to make machines do what we want them to do. By demystifying the job of programming, HELLO WORLD hopes to entice and educate.

Behind all of this software are coders, computer programmers, and engineers. These people are passionate, smart, and sometimes lacking social graces. Being a software developer has undergone several major changes and by letting developers tell their stories, HELLO WORLD will explore who coders really are.

In addition, the film will explore the uneasy state of technology culture today. By going back to its origins, the film will find out where all the women and people of color went, leaving only a glut of white men in the industry. The hope is to provide some possible solutions to improving this disparity.


Film Goals

We want to encourage more and more people to feel like they will succeed and thrive as software developers. This movie is meant to dispel the fear of writing software and show that the industry is moving towards a more inclusive and welcoming environment for people, no matter their background.

We believe that the audience for this film is the general public. To that end, we want to get it in front of as many people as possible. This means we’re going to take it to film festivals with the express goal of getting distributed by a major streaming provider like HBO, Netflix, Amazon or similar company.

Current Status of the Film

We've been working on this film for over a year already. We’ve travelled around the United States and interviewed over twenty people to understand key topics including diversity in software development, passion and motivation of great developers, life-family balance issues in the industry, and how educators are striving to improve inclusion in computer science. We expect to be filming through 2018 and complete post-production in 2019.

Mailing List

The Team

I've just started building the team. Here's where you'll see our team grow:
Shawn Wildermuth


Shawn Wildermuth

HELLO WORLD is Shawn's debut feature-length documentary. It's the perfect vehicle for him to tell the story of the world he's spent over thirty years in. He's been tinkering with computers and software since he got a Vic-20 back in the early '80s. He's authored eight books and innumerable articles on software development. You can reach him at his blog at He released his first short documentary about his neighborhood which you can see on YouTube.

Lou Creech

Director of Photography

Lou Creech

Lou is a native of South Carolina, but now calls Denver, Colorado home. She holds a BA in Art and Environmental Studies and also attended the Carolina Film Institute for Film Studies. She has worked in production as a coordinator and key production assistant, while also producing her own short films and documentaries. She believes everyone has a story to tell and is thrilled to be a part of HELLO WORLD! When she's not behind the camera, you'll find her working in non-profit food access, playing Roller Derby with the alter ego, Ludakiss, or exploring the Rocky Mountains.


If you have a question or comment about the film, please feel free to email: